What exactly is an AI Developer Advocate role?

ai advocate
ai advocate

An AI/ML developer advocate not only builds AI models but also explains about the process of building AI models. Owing to their in depth knowledge, organisations typically hire Developer Advocates to advocate for their products.

With the recent emergence of AI and ML, the role of an AI/ML Developer Advocate has also gained prominence.

An Amazon job post for an AI/ML developers advocate read, “Do you love getting hands-on with technology and sharing your passion for AL and ML with the wider data science and AI/ML enthusiasts community?”

If we were to decipher the statement from Amazon, it’d seem to define the requirements of an AI/ML Developer Advocate role. To begin with, they must have a strong technical background and must be aware of the nuances of the AI/ML field. Further, they must also act as a bridge between the organisation and the AI/ML community and vice versa.

Don Goodman-Wilson, former Developer Advocate at GitHub said that the ability to make human connections is by far the most important aspect of an AI/ML Developer Advocate’s role.

Let’s delve deeper into what the profile of an AI/ML Developers Advocate entails.

Technical know-how 

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