When The Rise Of AI Meets The Ease Of No-Code

ai nocode
ai nocode

Not too long ago, professional web designers wouldn’t dream of using a no-code website builder—if you didn’t personally write each line of HTML and CSS, could you really call yourself a real designer? Today, many professional web designers have enthusiastically embraced no-code solutions, using them to get more done in less time without sacrificing quality.

Similarly, we’re now seeing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools combined with the ease of no-code platforms. These new solutions are changing the way we use data and opening up exciting possibilities for all sorts of businesses.

The Evolution Of AI Analytics

In the first generation of AI analytics, companies were primarily concerned with collecting and storing data. Database tools like MongoDB, SQL and Redshift were soon developed to help software engineers with this task.

The next step was to look at what we could learn from all this data. In this second generation, data visualization companies like Periscope Data, Mode and Tableau came along to help businesses make sense of the data they were collecting.

Today, we’re in the third generation: predictive analytics. Here, people can use AI to find patterns in their data and predict what’s coming next. However, this latest step in AI analytics has brought new challenges. In those first two generations, users were very technically minded. To help new audiences get the full benefit of predictive analytics, new tools are necessary. As a result, we’ve seen a new category of tools designed to help data analysts use machine learning without writing code.

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