ai threat photography
ai threat photography

If you haven’t heard anything about Artificial Intelligence (AI) recently, then you must be living off-grid somewhere in a nuclear bunker. AI has been making headlines regularly in all areas. Huge leaps in technology have been made in a relatively short space of time. The development has been staggering in just how rapid and accelerated it has been.

The future is firmly looking towards AI having increased involvement in our lives, much of which will be for the better. Just yesterday I read about the future of AI in the medical field. AI will help identify potential skin cancer. AI will help better diagnose heart attacks in women.

But any leaps in technology come with disruption, change and potential unemployment. We saw it with the advent of electricity, the motor car, and the use of robotics in industry and manufacturing. And now it is our turn: the creative industries. But what does AI mean for us as photographers and artists? Do we need to be worried about the ‘Rise of the Machines?’

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