Why Brands, Bigtechs, Fintechs and Banks Are All Taking Notice of Banking as a Service


The Asia Pacific region is leading the way in a revolution that is changing the way consumers interact with financial services.

Banking as a Service (BaaS) has been spreading rapidly over the last couple of years, enabling brands to offer their customers a range of financial services, from buy-now-pay-later financing to personalised and proactive lending offers.

In fact, new research from Finastra reveals that 88% of senior executives in a number of sectors (including banking, healthcare, retail and technology) said they are already implementing BaaS solutions or are planning to, compared with 80% in EMEA and 87% in the Americas.

BaaS is the provision of retail or wholesale banking products and services, in context, as a service using an existing licensed institution’s secure, regulated infrastructure with modern API-driven platforms.

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