Why I’m Concerned About a Metaverse Real Estate Boom

Why I'm Concerned About a Metaverse Real Estate Boom


  • The metaverse is forecast to hit $13 trillion by 2030.
  • All investments are risky, but is metaverse real estate a (virtual) bridge too far?
  • What about our real-world housing crisis?


What does it mean for real estate in the real world?

The metaverse is here, and we’re just living in it. Or rather, our avatars are, and they can become big-time real estate investors in the virtual world, if we want them to be.

According to Citithe metaverse is on track to be a $13 trillion opportunity by 2030. Many forward-thinking real estate investors are staking their claims in the metaverse and seeking to monetize, whether they are building entertainment districts, malls, or even erecting billboards to be rented out for advertising revenue.

I’m all for being forward-thinking, especially when it comes to a good investment. But I’ve got concerns about how a digital real estate boom will affect the real real estate world. Here are three reasons why.

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