Why major celebrities and big-name brands are embracing the metaverse


It seems like every other day, news emerges that a celebrity has dropped a new NFT collection or a commercial chain has launched a metaverse space. While much of this has been written off as a fad, it’s interesting to note the names that are beginning to get involved.

The truth is, engaging fans and customers in the Web3 space comes with multiple practical benefits, and these popular entities are starting to take note. What’s more, this may be just the beginning of a broader change in how people use the world wide web.

The rise of metaverses and Web3 has exploded in pop culture. It seems like just yesterday, Jimmy Fallon was discussing NFTs with Paris Hilton, and mere months later, a wave of other high-profile celebrities and prominent brands have taken steps toward the decentralized web revolution.

For starters, few celebs have jumped into the metaverse harder than Snoop Dogg. Not only was it revealed last year that Snoop was himself a major NFT whale, but the rapper has also launched his own collection of digital assets (known as “The Doggies”) and even recreated his mansion in The Sandbox metaverse.

Other celebrities like Justin Bieber have hosted virtual concerts in the metaverse, and even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are launching their metaverse platform for hosting everything from business meetings to “public” appearances.

It doesn’t end with celebrities, either. Major brand-name companies are bringing their businesses into Web3 to engage fans and customers. Recently, Nike launched “Swoosh,” a Web3-enabled platform designed to create new, inclusive digital communities and experiences and serve as a home for Nike virtual creations. Members will be able to collect and create virtual products, such as shoes and jerseys, which can then be traded on an open market.

Other popular clothing companies like Adidas, and even high-fashion labels like Gucci and Prada, are experimenting with metaverse spaces and offering NFT collections of their own. While there are many more examples, it goes to show how powerful influencers across multiple industries are beginning to take note of Web3’s potential. But why?