12 Ways AI Is Transforming How Businesses Interact With Customers

ai business
ai business

Businesses across industries are increasingly using artificial intelligence in a variety of ways to improve their internal operations, from handling repetitive tasks to interpreting data to streamlining overall processes (and more). For many companies, however, the primary benefit of AI is its potential to help them better interact with customers.

Many consumers may think companies use AI simply for their own ends—for example, most of us are aware that AI plays a role in the ads we see online. However, many businesses leverage AI’s learning abilities to try to make interactions and transactions faster and easier for the customers they serve, thereby improving the overall customer experience. Here, 12 members of Forbes Technology Council share ways AI is transforming and improving businesses’ interactions with their customers.

1. Reducing ‘Decision Overload’

AI can improve the customer experience by reducing “decision overload.” In this day and age of seemingly endless options and expectations of receiving gratification as quickly as possible, decision fatigue is a huge threat to every business. AI is being implemented to hyper-select your choices—sifting through thousands of options using its deep understanding of you as a consumer and reducing them to a manageable number. All of this is done in microseconds, behind the scenes. – Adrian Dunkley, StarApple

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