5 ways AI can help solve the privacy dilemma

5 ways AI can help solve the privacy dilemma

There is no disputing the privacy trend. It is here. It is unstoppable. And it is one of the few issues in American life that crosses party lines.

Data shows that 86% of people care about privacy for themselves and others — with 79% willing to act on it by spending time and money to protect their data. And to those cynics who say people moan about privacy and do nothing, the same study found that 47% have taken action because of a company’s data policies.

What does this mean for the trillions of dollars that flow through the U.S. economy as a result of the very same privacy violations that are enraging consumers? It appears to be a tectonic conundrum; consider that Meta conceded that Apple’s change in its privacy rules has and will cost them billions.

But for companies suffering from the effects of Apple’s shift to opt-in from opt-out, artificial intelligence could be a solution

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