6 of the Most Interesting Uses for Robots You Might Not Know

6 of the Most Interesting Uses for Robots You Might Not Know

Today there are more incredible uses for robots than ever before. Innovators and inventors worldwide are applying countless types of robots to fascinating tasks. You may have heard of mechanized surgeons and AI cars, but have you heard of these six exciting uses?

1. Making Pizzas, Burgers, and More

Robots are revolutionizing restaurants. More eateries, especially fast-food businesses, are facing difficulties with staffing today. Developers have devised innovative solutions and unique new types of robotics.

Robots can autonomously make whole pizzas. They need a little help from human employees for things like cutting up toppings, but other than that, the process is fully automated. These machines can knead dough, spread sauce, add toppings and take the pizza in and out of the oven.

Similar types of robots have been created for flipping burgers and making tortilla chips. American burger chain White Castle “hired” 100 burger-flipping robots to add to its restaurants in early 2022. Popular southwestern restaurant Chipotle is testing an autonomous tortilla chip-making bot called “Chippy” at its innovation center in Irvine, California. Soon, your next takeout meal might be made by machines

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