A $4,115 digital handbag and a $341,000 virtual tiara: Here are some of the fashion brands that have joined the metaverse

‘Crypto-States’ Will Compete With Corporates in the Metaverse
Crowd of people on network connection lines.

Looks like we’ll all be heading to work meetings in the metaverse soon, or at least Bill Gates thinks so. And whether it’s for work or play, if you’re concerned about what to wear in the digital realm, don’t worry! Fashion designers are on it.

The metaverse is a collection of virtual platforms that allow users to design their own avatars, buy “land,” and play games. The prices of digital real estate have set new records over the past few weeks, and digital architecture firms are charging up to $300,000 for virtual designs. The business potential for an entirely new virtual world is not lost on fashion brands, which are looking for a new consumer base to tap into.