AI Could Revolutionize Healthcare. But Can We Trust It?

AI Could Revolutionize Healthcare. But Can We Trust It?

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most promising technology for transforming our lives — but it’s also incredibly scary. At CES 2022, A panel of AI experts discussed what role AI might play in the future of healthcare.

Can you trust AI?

In a session titled « Consumer Safety Driven by AI, » Pat Baird, an AI engineer and software developer who works in standards and regulations for Phillips, and Joseph Murphy, VP Marketing at Sensory Inc., an American technology company that develops AI products, discussed what AI could add to our lives. They also discussed the apprehension many people feel about the technology.

Baird said that getting people to trust AI is essential to overcome those misgivings. He said that many find the technology weird and wonder who designed it. Consequently, they’re uncomfortable receiving care from an AI — and will likely continue to feel that way unless they can be convinced that it’s a positive invention.

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