Is it worth taking out personal cyber insurance in case you are caught up in a data hack?

The recent Optus and Medibank data breaches in which thousands of Australians had their personal information stolen have heightened public consciousness of the threat of identity fraud. Information including names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, passport [… Read more ]

apple data

Apple Says Your iPhone’s Usage Data is Anonymous

A new test of how Apple gathers usage data from iPhones has found that the company collects personally identifiable information while explicitly promising not to. The privacy policy governing Apple’s device analytics says the “none of the collected information identifies you personally.” But an analysis of the [… Read more ]

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Apple Built Its Empire With China.

Lawmakers’ objections to an obscure Chinese semiconductor company and tough Covid-19 restrictions are hurting Apple’s ability to make new iPhones in China. Every September, Apple unveils its latest phones at its futuristic Silicon Valley campus. [… Read more ]