Ai-Da makes history after becoming the first robot to be grilled by UK’s House of Lords

HouseOfLords robot ai
HouseOfLords robot ai

Politicians are often accused of giving robotic answers when facing questions – but politicians in the UK may just have been shown how it’s really done.

The android Ai-Da, which is claimed to be the world’s first ultra-realistic AI robot artist, was questioned by a committee in the British parliament on Tuesday.

The politicians from the Communications and Digital Committee in the House of Lords asked the robot – named after the 19th century computer pioneer Ada Lovelace – about the relationship between artificial intelligence, robots, and the arts.

« I do not have subjective experiences despite being able to talk about where I am and depend on computer programmes and algorithms who are very not alive. I can still create art, » said the robot.

Ai-Da was created in collaboration with robotic creators Engineered Arts, with AI algorithms created by experts at the University of Oxford.

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