AI Ethics And The Acclaimed AI Uncanny Valley

AI Ethics And The Acclaimed AI Uncanny Valley

Sometimes there are slightly oddish things that catch your attention and get your intuitive juices going that there is somehow something amiss. The oddness is not blatant, not at all flagrantly in your face. You might not even be able to immediately put your finger on what the incongruity is or how come your proverbial spidery sense is tingling.

Perhaps subtle telltale clues are being sensed. Maybe you happen to in your gut realize a dissonance exists. I guess you could say that there is just the ever so slightest hint of understated eeriness and your delicate human radar is picking up on otherwise seemingly hidden signals.

Welcome to the uncanny valley.

If you’ve never heard of the uncanny valley, a topic relatively popularized in the field of AI and especially robotics, you are in for a bit of a treat since that’s the subject matter I’m going to be closely discussing and analyzing herein.

America must win the race for A.I. ethics