AI Ethics Perturbed By Latest China Devised AI Party

AI Ethics Perturbed By Latest China Devised AI Party

Are you loyal?

In theory, it might be possible to examine your overt deeds and ascertain whether loyalty is exhibited by your actions.

Suppose though that instead there was an attempt made to read your mind and meanwhile scan your face to determine your loyalty quotient. This is eerily intrusive; you might readily decry. Sounds like one of those crazy sci-fi movies that envision a future dystopian society.

Thankfully, you furtively whisper to yourself, we don’t have anything like that today.

Whoa, hold your horses.

News headlines are recently blaring that a research paper posted online in China on July 1, 2022, depicted a study that supposedly involved an assessment of people’s brainwaves and their facial expressions for purposes of computing whether they were loyal to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). So, there you go, the future is getting closer and closer, at least in terms of attaining the dystopian society that we have dreaded might someday arise.

The research paper quickly disappeared from its online posted link.

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