Artificial empathy: the upgrade AI needs to speak to consumers

  • Artificial empathy allows brands to target individual consumer needs.
  • AI can be used to analyze customer behaviour at scale for personalized insights.
  • But artificial empathy still needs human input and interpretation to work most effectively.

In a proliferated, multi-channel world, every brand needs to win the heart and mind of the consumer to acquire and retain them. They need to set up a foundation of empathy and connectedness.

Artificial intelligence combined with a human-centric approach to marketing might seem like a contrarian model. But the truth is that machine learning, AI and automation are vital for brands today to transform data into empathetic, customer-centric experiences. For marketers, AI-based solutions serve as a scalable and customizable tool capable of understanding the motive behind consumer interactions. This is the power of artificial empathy: When brands target individual consumer needs and connect with them at a deeper level than mere transactional exchanges. When it comes to empathetic machines, Hollywood may have made us think of the likes of Wall-E: robots with emotions. But artificial empathy is fundamentally about giving technology the ability to discover and respond to human emotions.

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