Bank tech trends to watch in 2022

Bank tech trends to watch in 2022

Bank technology initiatives this year will be driven by the need to make finance ultra convenient for consumers and businesses.

One manifestation of this is embedded banking, a version of the open banking movement started in Europe, where banks offer their services through all manner of companies that aren’t banks. Another is the effort banks are making at personalization, trying to deliver just-in-time advice to consumers to help them avert financial problems and take advantage of opportunities. And letting customers authorize themselves with a selfie and facial recognition is the ultimate way to provide security for couch potatoes.

Banks and fintechs also will continue to try to become a trusted place for consumers and businesses to go for cryptocurrency services as the popularity of digital assets keeps growing.

Other trends in bank technology, such as the explosion of bank-fintech partnerships, are part of an evolution of financial services brought on by the fintech movement.

Read on to learn about seven technology trends for banks and fintechs in 2022.

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