Beautiful Landscapes Created by New AI

photo ai
photo ai

First photographers were creating portraits of people that don’t exist, now Aurel Manea has created a series of “landscape photos” using a new artificially intelligent (AI) software program called Stable Diffusion.

“Of course, they are not real photos and they only resemble real places (for now, as the input data becomes larger and larger) but for most of the people that consume the images, it is only about the beauty of those images.”

Manea says that he has used DALLE-2 and it does “great images of people’s faces that look like photos.” But, he says, DALL-E fails to create landscape photography.

“It is probably because of the images the model was trained on and the politics of the creators to exclude contemporary landscape photographers,” he says.

Stable Diffusion, on the other hand, appears not to have such a problem which Manea puts down to having a wider image base than DALL-E.

“Just telling the AI something like ‘landscape photography by Marc Adamus, Glacial lake, sunset, dramatic lighting, mountains, clouds, beautiful’ gives instant pleasant looking photography-like images.”

“It is incredible that technology has got to this point where mere words produce such wonderful images (please check the Facebook group for more).”