Beyond ChatGPT: 14 Mind-Blowing AI Tools Everyone Should Be Trying Out Now


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going through something of a “hot topic” moment, as applications such as ChatGPT show the world just how powerful and capable it is becoming.

The emergence of this new breed of “generative” AI tools has made it clear in recent months that it is no longer something that is only important in the realm of academic research or Silicon Valley tech giants.

And far from simply being the latest « viral sensation, » AI has truly become a technology that any business or individual can leverage to revolutionize the way they work or go about any number of day-to-day activities.

So, what are the tools that everyone should be getting to grips with to ensure they understand exactly what AI is capable of today? I’ve picked out some of the most important ones to highlight how you can start using them today.

If, like many people, you’ve only just started taking notice of AI after coming across one of the most recent viral applications, you might be wondering how they relate to what we’ve traditionally referred to as « artificial intelligence. »

Most people will have first come across the term in science fiction, where, for over 100 years, we’ve been entertained by stories involving intelligent robots – sometimes friendly, sometimes not so.

In reality, when we use the term AI today, we are usually referring to a technology known as « machine learning. » Rather than simulating every aspect of natural intelligence like robots in movies, this simply refers to software algorithms that are able to learn – becoming better and better at carrying out one specific task as they are exposed to more data.