Bill Gates is meh on Web 3 and the metaverse

BILL gates metaverse
BILL gates metaverse
  • Bill Gates said artificial intelligence is « quite revolutionary » in his annual Reddit AMA session.
  • In contrast, the Microsoft cofounder appeared lukewarm about Web3 and the metaverse.
  • He also said he was impressed with OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform, which has been making waves recently.
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Bill Gates has weighed in on some of the buzziest concepts in tech, revealing he’s tepid about Web3 and the metaverse, but thinks artificial intelligence, or AI, is « quite revolutionary. »

The Microsoft cofounder was giving his take on tech trends at his annual Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, where he answered a handful of questions posed by Reddit users on a variety of subjects.

One Reddit user asked, « Many years ago, I think around 2000, I heard you say something on TV like, ‘People are vastly overestimating what the internet will be like in 5 years, and vastly underestimating what it will be like in 10 years.’ Is any mammoth technology shift at a similar stage right now? »