Chinchilla AI is coming for the GPT-3’s throne

chinchilla ai
chinchilla ai

Chinchilla AI is yet another example of AI language model, claimed to outperform GPT-3. Yes, you heard right. The engine behind the ChatGPT is outperformed by DeepMind’s new language model. The news spread rapidly, and soon everyone wondered: “What is Chinchilla AI?” Are you one of them? You came to the right place. As always, we continue to share with you the latest trends in the AI world. 

We have already explained some of the best AI tools like ChatGPTDALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Lensa AI. Now it’s Chinchilla AI’s turn. Keep reading and find out if it is really better than GPT-3. 

What is Chinchilla AI?

DeepMind by Chinchilla AI is a popular choice for a large language model, and it has proven itself to be superior to its competitors. In March of 2022, DeepMind released Chinchilla AI. It functions in a manner analogous to that of other large language models such as GPT-3 (175 parameters), Jurassic-1 (178B parameters), Gopher (280B parameters), and Megatron-Turing NLG (300 parameters) (530B parameters). Nonetheless, Chinchilla AI’s main selling point is that it can be created for the same anticipated cost as Gopher, and yet it employs fewer parameters with more data to provide, on average, 7% more accurate results than Gopher.

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