Bringing People Back To Life With The Power Of AI Chatbots

In the reality we live in, people live their lives and then leave — for good, never to cross the line and return to the world again.

Or do they?

In a way, the natural way of things — grief, people passing on, humans not living forever — has been challenged by the big strides that technology has made in the last few years. More specifically, artificial intelligence capabilities have developed so quickly and extensively that they have made it possible for humans to hold meaningful conversations and even re-create human personas to a higher level of accuracy. In other words, even bring people back to life — figuratively. This possibility and specifically the technology behind it carries the potential to impact various parts of the business world.

The Technology

Before diving into business implications, it’s important to understand the technology at the center of these capabilities. It is known as GPT-3 — software that is able to take on any language, any writing style and produce content as original as a human could create. GPT-3 — a successor of GPT-2 — was brought to the world by OpenAI, a Silicon Valley-based research entity co-founded by Elon Musk. But very soon, the tool was deemed “too dangerous” for the general public to access because of how convincing and powerful it was. Since 2019, the tool has been limited in its use strictly to beta users because such vast power in the wrong hands and used with malicious intent could lead to catastrophes.

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