Can AI help solve education’s big data problems?

bigdata problems
bigdata problems

This Intel executive thinks AI applications will be essential to extracting future insights from the onslaught of data modern education creates.

Insights offered by data can help create solutions to business problems. But managing big data can overwhelm rather than help.

“There’s so much data that’s lying around in everything that we are doing, and now the amount of data that is getting generated is so much. But how do you get meaningful insights out of this data?” Kavitha Prasad, Intel’s vice president and general manager of Datacenter, AI, and cloud execution and strategy, told ZDNet. s

“It’s beyond humanly possible right now to sit down with the data and figure out not just what the data is saying, but the interrelationship between the different sets of data that is getting collected, and to figure out what business insights are hidden behind this data.”

This issue doesn’t just impact tech companies. The education sector also faces challenges in managing, protecting, and extracting value from big data.

Artificial intelligence can make it possible to solve big data problems.

For example, Intel collaborated with Aible to use AI to help Nova Southeastern University. Aible can sense, explore, and optimize data through AI.

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