Chatbot Security in the Age of AI

chatbot security
chatbot security

AI can help you protect against breaches, but it also creates new risks. Ensure your contact center has the right security measures in place.

With each passing year, contact centers experience more of the benefits of artificial intelligence. This technology — once only a distant idea portrayed with wonder and fear in science fiction — is now a key part of how businesses and customers interact.

According to survey data from Call Centre Helper, customer satisfaction is the number one factor driving more brands to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) as a part of their customer service models. AI’s ability to enable self-service and handle more calls more efficiently will prove critical for contact center success going forward. Not only that, but many contact center leaders find that its capacity for data collection and live interaction analytics presents game-changing possibilities for customer experience (CX).[1]

Yet, despite its many benefits, the present-day reality of AI isn’t fully free of the fears it has so often stoked in science fiction stories. One of the most pressing concerns about this powerful, widespread technology is its threat to data security. For contact centers, which house massive volumes of customer data and rely on chatbots to engage many customers and collect their information, this is a serious concern that can’t be overlooked. Thankfully, though, it’s also one that can be addressed.

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