ChatGPT — A Revolution

ChatGPT — A Revolution
ChatGPT — A Revolution

If you have been connected with the IT news over the last month, you have undoubtedly heard about ChatGPT — the new AI chatbot from OpenAI. As Andrew Ng rightly said, AI is the new electricity. It is set to revolutionize each aspect of our life, and ChatGPT will change the entire Software Development Life Cycle. It might just seal the fate of some developers. Application development speeds will zoom, and costs will fall drastically.

The current beta version is free for all — to invite more audience. With more and more enthusiasts trying it out, ChatGPT has created a new wave in the IT world. Some have already made millions out of it, and others are on the verge of losing their jobs. The revolution is knocking on your door. Embrace it, or get swept away — the choice is yours.

This blog starts with a basic introduction to ChatGPT and its use. Next, we will check out how to use it in code. Finally, we will examine some interesting conversations I had with the bot.


Okay, so what exactly is this OpenAI or ChatGPT? OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company that owns and exports several APIs that access their AI models, so we need not invest in developing and reinventing complex AI models. Instead, we can use their API (as a SAAS) and build our applications.

A few weeks back, they released the latest chat API, the ChatGPT, which has impressive capabilities. “Impressive” is a gentle word. However, if you try to chat with the ChatGPT, you will indeed have many more expletives in your mind.

At this point, the bot is free for all to try out, so don’t waste any time. Jump over to the ChatGPT page. You will have to sign up with your email / Google / Microsoft ID. Then the ChatGPT is ready.

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