Conversational AI’s Moment Is Now

Conversational AI’s Moment Is Now

Conversational AI has a huge opportunity to impact technology, society and business

How easily we interact with computers strongly informs how likely technology is to disrupt a given aspect of life or business. When we needed to punch code into a command line just to load a program, computers were far less user-friendly. But the mouse and graphical interfaces made things much easier, and computers blossomed from niche products into the mainstream. Touch took things further still, helping create a world where most people carry a computer in their pocket while increasingly also wearing one on their wrist.

What’s the next frontier that will further evolve human-computer relationships? Conversational AI.

You might be thinking that voice interfaces are nothing new—after all, smartphone assistants that you can talk to have been around more than a decade. But you’ve probably noticed those assistants have become better listeners, better conversationalists, and overall much more useful—and that’s because a range of technological breakthroughs have occurred behind the scenes, not only improving smartphone experiences but also inserting AI-powered voice technologies into a range of new devices and use cases.


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