DeepMind shares a list of free AI & ML resources

DeepMind shares a list of free AI & ML resources

Deepmind has shared a curated list of resources for people interested in learning artificial intelligence, machine learning and related topics.

The topics are categorised into Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced and Mixed levels. The list contains links to newsletters, blog posts, videos, research papers and online notes with information on topics related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. It also provides links to the best courses on AI and ML on Coursera, Colab notebooks, digital books and podcasts to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in Neuroscience, Deep Learning and Robotics.

A few noteworthy mentions from the list include:

1.A 2020 vision of Linear Algebra (Gilbert Strang, MIT) concisely summarises a whole course of linear algebra, with technical details, through a new lens: how Linear Algebra is being applied to the real world, especially in Machine Learning.

2. An overview of gradient descent optimization algorithms comprehensive blog post that reviews the main variants of gradient descent that are used to optimize neural networks.

3. Brain Inspired Podcast where neuroscience and AI converge.

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