Elon Musk On Tesla’s AI Leadership & Idea To Make Traffic Lights Smarter

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Elon Musk shared some interesting tweets about Tesla’s AI this weekend, and even a cool idea that would bring innovation to those old traffic lights that take forever to change at 2:00 am even though no one else is around. I think we’ve all been in that situation.


In response to James Stephenson, who asked when FSD 11 would be released, Elon said that they were almost to the point where interventions are so rare on city streets that the team can turn their attention to applying the code to highways. However, there’s no point in doing this until Tesla has passed that threshold.

He added that Beta 10.12 would probably be released on Tuesday in the US and Friday in Canada.

In another tweet, Elon said that some of the best AI software engineers in the world don’t realize how advanced Tesla’s AI has become, and in response to that, Whole Mars Blog, who was one of the earliest FSD Beta testers, shared a video clip of it in action. In the clip, it stopped for pedestrians and maneuvered the twisty streets with ease.

Tesla AI–Controlled Traffic Light?

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