Google’s Most Advanced AI Just Got a New Body

google bot
google bot

One hundred years ago, a Czech playwright named Karel Capek coined the term “robot”. Right from the get-go, the overly negative ‘murderous-machine’ trope took hold, and we’ve never trusted a bot since.

Capek’s robots were as homicidal as they were helpful. In the play, they end up going on a killing spree. Not surprising, his original bots inspired Terminator, Westworld and a bunch of other machines that planted deep in our collective pop culture consciousness the idea that robots will outsmart us – and exterminate us.

The look of a robot over time

Since Capek’s initial conceptualization, robots have undergone many iterations. At the start, they were less machine, more human form. They looked like us, and had a “chemical batter” for a body instead of the expected metal material and wires.

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