Here’s the Latest on the AI Chatbot


Upload multiple files, suggested prompts and replies, and a whole lot more. OpenAI just released a bevy of updates for ChatGPT.

OpenAI continues to refine and enhance its star artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT. The latest round of small but meaningful updates aims to make conversations with the bot smoother and more productive.

OpenAI today announced an update to make its chatbot more user-friendly. Firing up a blank ChatGPT window can be daunting, so now users are greeted with suggested prompts to spark ideas and get the creative juices flowing.

The virtual assistant also chimes in with follow-up questions and responses to keep discussions flowing naturally. These new features help emulate the back-and-forth rhythm of human conversation. This feature has already proven useful in the GPT-powered version of Microsoft Bing, so OpenAI adding it now to its own chatbot makes sense. The guardrails could also prevent the bot from giving weird responses while at the same time engaging users into longer conversations.

For Plus subscribers willing to pony up $20 per month, OpenAI promises full integration with the more advanced GPT-4 model under the hood. Previously, chats would default back to the less capable GPT-3.5 after logging out. The older model is quicker but not as advanced as the new version.

It’s worth noting both Google’s Bard and Anthropic’s Claude AI are free to use, just like ChatGPT 3.5. But OpenAI is building new functionalities on top of GPT-4 to make its subscription service more appealing. The new upgrades are only for paid subscriptions, leaving GPT 3.5 as just an LLM with no additional functionalities.