How AI is improving the digital ad experience for consumers

How AI is improving the digital ad experience for consumers

We’ve all experienced it: the ad that runs half a dozen times during our favorite TV show, or the online ad that follows us everywhere. We search for something once, and suddenly there are ads for it all over our social media feeds.

As digital audiences have grown, fueled largely by growth in channels like CTV/OTT and streaming audio, advertisers have been pouring buckets of money into delivering their brand messaging to these captive audiences.

While targeting technology has evolved dramatically to provide more relevancy and better personalization, it’s not without flaws. Oversaturation is still a problem. And automation can sometimes over-optimize for a specific, perhaps unintended, trend.

The need for a human touch in advertising

Part of the reason ad delivery sometimes misses the mark is that technology doesn’t understand the nuances of human behavior. In fact, AI should be, by design, devoid of biases and influence. But when it comes to advertising, there’s a lot of intuitive information that must be considered, especially as it relates to human behavior.

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