How AI is reshaping the cybersecurity job landscape

ai job
ai job

88% of cybersecurity professionals believe that AI will significantly impact their jobs, now or in the near future, and 35% have already witnessed its effects, according to ISC2’s AI study, AI Cyber 2024.

Impact of AI on cybersecurity professionals

While there is considerable positivity about the role of AI in dealing with cyberattacks, these findings also recognize the urgent demand from professionals for industry preparedness to mitigate cyber risks and safeguard the entire ecosystem.

The survey respondents are highly positive about the potential for AI. Overall, 82% agree that AI will improve their job efficiency as cybersecurity professionals. That is countered by 56%, noting that AI will make some parts of their job obsolete.

Again, the obsolescence of job functions isn’t necessarily a negative, but rather noting the evolving nature of the role of people in cybersecurity in the face of rapidly evolving and autonomous software solutions, particularly those charged with carrying out repetitive and time-consuming cybersecurity tasks.

75% of respondents are moderately to extremely concerned that AI will be used for cyberattacks or other malicious activities. Deepfakes, misinformation and social engineering are the top three concerns for cyber professionals.