How To Get Workers On Board With AI

How To Get Workers On Board With AI

Most workers want AI to help them get their jobs done. But attitudes toward how they experience AI in their lives, where they prefer to find it and who they trust to sell them its value vary across generations.

If you ask business leaders whether their workers want to use artificial intelligence, most will assume the answer is “no.” They presume workers see AI as invasive, or too complicated, or as putting their jobs at risk. Yet contrary to this popular belief, people who are employed are generally positive about AI. They believe it can help them avoid mistakes and solve problems, and they generally think it can make the world a better place.

That’s the most important aspect of the story from Gartner’s 2022 AI Consumer survey.

Don’t get me wrong: There’s a strong undercurrent of concern in the US workforce about AI. A significant percentage of workers — especially those who don’t trust their employers — prefer not to use AI in their jobs, prefer to limit their interactions with it in their consumer lives, and are concerned that it will not benefit society.

But what’s most striking is how workers in general are quite positive about AI’s potential in their professional lives.

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