The generalisation of overparameterised neural networks has long piqued the curiosity of the machine learning community.
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What is grokking in machine learning?

Neural networks achieve perfect generalisation, well past the point of overfitting, in some cases through grokking a pattern in data. In a potential ground breaking study, researchers from OpenAI (Alethea Power, Yuri Burda, Harri Edwards, Igor Babuschkin, [… Read more ]

Lack of tooling and methodology around production ML is the biggest thing holding back the real world impact of the field.
Machine learning

Move over ML, it’s time for XL

The fourth edition of the Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS) aims to bring together India’s leading experts in the machine learning domain. In an interesting tech talk on the first day of the summit, titled “Move over ML, [… Read more ]

When AI goes too far
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Machine learning becomes most acquired skill in India on Coursera in 2021

According to the Annual Employability Survey by Aspiring Minds, 2.5% of Indian engineers possess technical skills in artificial intelligence (AI) that the industry requires Many sectors are aggressively adopting new-age technologies like machine learning, creating [… Read more ]