Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Away Your Job?

ai job
ai job


“Will AI take over jobs?” is a very controversial and interesting question that has been around for many years, and yet it will be questioned even more in the upcoming years, as artificial intelligence rapidly develops.

Some people believe that AI will create more jobs than it destroys. They argue that as AI automates certain tasks, it will free up workers to do other, more creative or complex tasks. For instance, a bank teller whose job is automated by AI may be able to use their freed-up time to provide financial planning services to customers. Similarly, a manufacturing worker whose job is taken over by a robot may be able to move into maintenance or quality control.

Others believe that AI will destroy more jobs than it creates. They argue that as AI continues to get more sophisticated, it will eventually be able to do most jobs better than humans. As a result, many people could find themselves unemployed as their jobs are taken over by robots or other forms of AI.

So, who is right? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. In this article, we’ll get a better understanding of the potential impact of AI on jobs. But first, let’s understand AI.

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