Latest ‘I AM AI’ Video Features Four-Legged Robots

Latest ‘I AM AI’ Video Features Four-Legged Robots

“I am a visionary,” says an AI, kicking off the latest installment of NVIDIA’s I AM AI video series.

Launched in 2017, I AM AI has become the iconic opening for GTC keynote addresses by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang. Each video, with its AI-created narration and soundtrack, documents the newest advances in artificial intelligence and their impact on the world.

The latest, which debuted at GTC last week, showcases how NVIDIA technologies enable AI to take on complex tasks in the world’s most challenging environments, from farms and traffic intersections to museums and research labs.

Here’s a sampling of the groundbreaking AI innovations featured in the video.

Accuray Radiotherapy System Treats Lung Tumors 

Lung tumors can move as much as two inches with every breath — making it difficult to protect healthy lung tissue while targeting the tumor for treatment.

Bay Area-based radiation therapy company Accuray offers Radixact, an AI-powered system that uses motion-tracking capabilities to follow a tumor’s movement and deliver treatment with sub-millimeter accuracy.

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