Machine Learning with ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

chatgpt cheatsheet
chatgpt cheatsheet

ChatGPT is being used for everything from education, to meal and fitness planning, to programming, and beyond.

Have you thought of using ChatGPT to help augment your machine learning tasks?

For more on using ChatGPT for machine learning, check out our latest cheat sheet.

With ChatGPT, building a machine learning project has never been easier. By simply writing follow-up prompts and analyzing the results, you can quickly and easily train the model to respond to user queries and provide helpful insights.


In this cheat sheet, learn how to use ChatGPT to assist with the following machine learning tasks:

  • Project Planning
  • Feature Engineering
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Model Selection
  • Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Experiment Tracking
  • MLOps

See examples of prompts and approaches to make leveraging the power of ChatGPT for machine learning a cinch. Keep the sheet handy for frequent reference.

Check it out now, and check back soon for more.