Metaverse ABC and the new admirable world of NFTs, Web 3.0, Internet, Blockchain and AI powered by Avatars and new rewarded gamification models.

Metaverse technologies are and will change the way we behave as a society. Our new iteration of society will include Metaverse(s) — metaversive ecosystem platforms that will have NFTs, web 3.0 iteration of technologies.

The Metaverse is a new door for Humanity, with NFTs acting as keys. It is an emerging tunnel, for a fast forwarding rapidly developing change virtual augmented reality. The Metaverse(s) opens new roads with new digital interactive worlds that started as experiences, fantasies and that are quickly becoming our new real, augmented and virtual realities.

When defining the Metaverse, we have to consider Blockchain powered NFTs, the expanded concepts of the Web 3.0 Internet Paradigm, and all the related technology and platform ecosystems. I created this infographic research where I define and highlight these concepts that are critical to better understand the Metaverse ABC:

  1. Metaverse experience;

2. Metaverse discovery;

3. MetaverseCreator Gig economy;

4. Metaverse Digital twins spacial computing;

5. Metaverse and Decentralisation;

6. Metaverse and Human Interface digital real;

7. Metaverse Infrastructure.

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