Metaverse growth in 2022 will be driven by the enterprise and gaming markets

‘Crypto-States’ Will Compete With Corporates in the Metaverse
Crowd of people on network connection lines.

Tech titans will begin competing for metaverse market dominance in 2022 and non-tech brands will continue to explore how metaverses could deliver operational improvements, according to GlobalData.

In its latest report, ‘Tech, Media, & Telecom Predictions 2022’, the leading data and analytics company reveals that gaming and commercial uses will spur growth but concerns over data privacy and regulatory crackdowns in China will act as a brake.

“In 2022, gaming companies will invest in the metaverse to expand their already substantial user base to create even wider communities. Niantic, known for augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon Go, and Fortnite developer Epic Games will launch early versions of their metaverse platforms, while other large game publishers such as EA and Tencent will begin to develop their own. These are likely to not be that dissimilar to the worlds developed in games already, but may offer higher levels of emersion and interoperability.

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