Microsoft to acquire cybersecurity firm RiskIQ as cyber threats mount

Microsoft Veille cyber

New York (CNN Business)Microsoft on Monday announced that it’s buying cybersecurity firm RiskIQ to help companies better protect themselves as ransomware and other cyber attacks become increasingly disruptive.

Microsoft (MSFT) said the acquisition will help its customers address the unique risks created by remote work and relying on cloud computing amid « the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks. »
RiskIQ’s software allows organizations to monitor their entire networks — including operations running on various cloud providers — and its threat intelligence research helps businesses understand and mitigate potential risks.
« We couldn’t be more excited to join forces to enable the global community to defend against the rising tide of cyberattacks, » RiskIQ Founder and CEO Elias Manousos said in a blog post Monday.
The announcement comes at a time when cybersecurity is top of mind for many business leaders, following a string of recent ransomware attacks that temporarily took out a major fuel pipelinemeat supplier and IT vendor, among others.