Move over ML, it’s time for XL

Lack of tooling and methodology around production ML is the biggest thing holding back the real world impact of the field.

The fourth edition of the Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS) aims to bring together India’s leading experts in the machine learning domain. In an interesting tech talk on the first day of the summit, titled “Move over ML, It’s Time for XL” by Soumendra Mohanty,  Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Innovation Officer at Tredence, stressed on how energies should be spent on “experience learning”, rather than just on building machine learning algorithms.

“The intent is not to forget machine learning concepts and the whole thing about algorithms, data, and cloud. Over the last two decades or so, there has been so much advancements and experimentation in this area of machine learning, but an area that has been neglected is what and for whom we are doing all of this,” Mohanty said.

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