New online course seeks to demystify Artificial Intelligence

AI Decoded
AI Decoded

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming an essential part of how we work, live and interact with one another, yet many people lack basic knowledge of what AI is, and the impact it might have. Destination AI, a new open online course produced by Institut Montaigne in collaboration with UNESCO, OpenClassrooms and Fondation Abeona, seeks to close this knowledge gap, offering an inventive and informative approach to learning about what makes AI tick.

Today, over 50% of organizations worldwide report using some form of AI in their operations, but many people still lack foundational knowledge concerning what AI is, or its potential risks, benefits, and impacts. Moreover, women and girls are 25% less likely than men to know how to leverage digital technology for basic purposes, pointing to a further critical gender divide in the future of AI skill development. If left unchecked, these knowledge gaps may prove detrimental not only to the future of mental health and work in the digital age but may also prevent the next generation from adequately leveraging the opportunities AI presents.

A new open online course, Destination AI, in collaboration with UNESCO, Institut Montaigne, OpenClassrooms and Fondation Abeona seeks to close these gaps in the form of an open and accessible online course. We sat down with some of the minds behind the development of Destination AI to learn more about its goals, challenges, and potential impact. Democratizing knowledge about the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence can be challenging, especially when directed towards young audiences.

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