Scammers use voice cloning AI to trick Grandma into thinking grandkid is in jail


Ruthless scammers are always looking for the next big con, and they might’ve found it: using AI to imitate your loved ones over the phone.

When a 73-year-old Ruth Card heard what she thought was the voice of her grandson Brandon on the other end of the line saying he needed money for bail, she and her husband rushed to the bank.

« It was definitely this feeling of… fear, » Card told The Washington Post. « That we’ve got to help him right now. »

The couple withdrew the maximum of 3,000 Canadian dollars at one bank and went to another for more. Fortunately, a vigilant bank manager flagged them down and warned them that another customer had gotten a similar phone call that sounded like it was from a loved one — but it turned out the voice had been faked.