Security Metrics: An Overview

Security Metrics
Security Metrics

If you’re concerned with an online data breach, you’re not alone. Businesses of any size should be worried about sensitive data being hacked. Data breaches are reported every week, with about 15 million data records exposed worldwide.

While some industries are at higher risk than others, all enterprises should be keeping their cybersecurity measures up to date. As a business, your online systems are probably storing sensitive data such as customer logins, payment information, and many other items that should be protected at all times. One way to do this is with security metrics.

Data protection and cybersecurity have made huge strides in recent years, with a spend that’s expected to reach over $170 billion. Even so, cyber hackers are still finding ways to get around the moat and into your castle housing sensitive data, increasing security metrics importance .

When it comes to protecting your data, there isn’t a cut-and-dry solution that works for every industry. It’s important to always do your research and figure out the needs of your business to ensure your data is protected properly.

If you have questions, don’t worry! The team at RiskRecon is here to help. So, let’s look at what security metrics are and how to protect your business’s data from cybersecurity threats.

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