The art of cybersecurity in business

Le magazine cybersécurité

Adaptation to the environment is the main vector of operation and survival for a business. The technological environment plays a crucial role in this process. As a result, cybersecurity becomes a fundamental pillar and employees are key players. Not in vain, 62% of incidents of this nature that take place in organizations happen due to human error, as reflected in the latest ‘Cyberthreats and Trends’ report prepared by the National Cryptologic Center.

This error may be due to carelessness in security, although an employee may also be deceived by cybercrime and, inadvertently, open the doors of the organization through one of these social engineering attacks. In other words, all those manipulation techniques used by cybercriminals to try to access confidential information, steal significant sums of money or take control of equipment, which are becoming increasingly elaborate and frequent. Whereas in 2016, just over 92,000 cybercrimes took place in Spain, in 2020 they rose to almost 288,000, according to the latest study on cybercrime published in our country.

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