Think you can spot content written on AI?

Think you can spot content written on AI?

Or you may have used a website that runs GPT-3 code, or even conversed with it through a chatbot or a character in a game.

GPT-3 is an AI model – a type of artificial intelligence – and its applications have quietly trickled into our everyday lives over the past couple of years.

In recent months, that trickle has picked up force: more and more applications are using AI like GPT-3, and these AI programmes are producing greater amounts of data, from words, to images, to code.

A lot of the time, this happens in the background; we don’t see what the AI has done, or we can’t tell if it’s any good.

But there are some things that are easy for us to judge: writing is one of those.

From student essays to content marketing, AI writing tools are doing what only a few years ago seemed impossible.

In doing so, the technology is changing how we think about what has been considered a uniquely human activity.

And we have no idea how the AI models are doing it.

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