Tim Cook decries lack of women in tech industry

womenintech industry
womenintech industry

In an interview with the BBC, Apple boss Tim Cook has claimed there are “no good excuses” for the lack of women in the tech industry. “I think the essence of technology and its effect on humanity depends upon women being at the table,” Cook told the BBC’s Zoe Kleinman.

“Technology’s a great thing that will accomplish many things,” he added, “but unless you have diverse views at the table that are working on it, you don’t wind up with great solutions.”

Cook’s argument is borne out by numerous instances where tech products have been released with failings that a more diverse research team would have immediately spotted. Such as the notorious soap dispenser that couldn’t recognise darker skin or, as the BBC points out, Apple’s own HealthKit which was released in 2014 without a period tracker.

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