Top Artificial Intelligence Trends to Look Forward To in 2022

Top Artificial Intelligence Trends to Look Forward To in 2022

These jaw-breaking developments gave rise to expectations from AI and made many curious about upcoming trends and advances in the field. Thus, this article will highlight some of the key forthcoming developments in AI, poised to make it more potent and impactful.

Here are the developments you should look forward and consider incorporating into your work:

Language modeling is machine understanding and generation of natural languages, which is used in applications such as speech recognition, machine translation, handwriting recognition, question answering and information retrieval.

Since OpenAI released GPT-3, the most powerful language model ever built, it has been in the limelight due to its breathtaking language capabilities. For example, it has been demonstrated that—with proper human priming—GPT-3 can generate creative fiction, working computer code and compose introspective business memos.

Now that OpenAI is working on GPT-4, and other big companies are developing their own more powerful language models, you can expect 2022 will bring more breakthroughs in language modeling and applications like automatic generation of computer programs.

In the last year, large scale text data’s SSL abilities have grown to the extent that we can learn complex tasks such as machine translation, text classification, question answering and many others using few-labelled examples.

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