Top VC Firms Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies

VC firms 1
VC firms 1

A look at the venture capitalists who are currently investing in AI (artificial intelligence) firms.

Although the idea of robots used to be somewhat unsettling, a lot of money is currently being invested in the architecture and systems that enable machines to learn and grow on their own without the assistance of humans.

According to PwC’s 2018 Moneytree Report, which was just released, $9.3 billion was invested in AI firms in 2017. This enormous number demonstrates the growing interest in technology and the growing understanding of its potential among public and commercial sector donors.

Artificial intelligence crosses all business areas, from self-driving vehicle AI operating systems to self-learning language processing platforms. Venture capital companies are hopping on the bandwagon to finance the minds behind the initiatives since they have the potential to disrupt so many industries, putting them ahead of the curve.

The most well-known venture capital firms investing in AI technology are listed below, with an overview of their goals.

Japan-based Softbank Group is a global holding company. Masayoshi Son, the wealthiest man in the nation, who claims to be spending 97% of his “time and intellect” on AI research, is in charge of it. The business has the biggest global fund, with $93 billion allocated, named the Softbank Vision Fund, specifically for technical advancement. Of this, $28 billion is assigned to the new investment fund, which strongly emphasizes AI. They have previously invested in SenseTime, a business specializing in scaling machine learning, face recognition, augmented reality, and Petuum Inc.

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