Using AI And Machine Learning To Improve The Health Insurance Process

Unesco’s AI guidelines oppose use of the technology for ‘invasive’ applications

Health insurance is a source of confusion, frustration and stress for many Americans. While the federal and state governments have taken measures to improve the health insurance system, many Americans still groan at the complexities and shortcomings that leave some 15% of adults ages 19-34 uninsured, and both uninsured and insured people say insurance is too expensive.

Reforms to the nation’s healthcare system are also insufficient for many. About 11% of uninsured people had income below the poverty level but were ineligible for Medicaid because their state did not expand the program. Even reforms to the health insurance system are not reaching most of those who still lack insurance. Two-thirds of uninsured adults had not gone to the ACA Marketplace to look at options, and about one-third of them said that was because they didn’t think they could afford health insurance.

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